Make Hiring Easy-Peasy with Candidate Profiling

Make Hiring Easy-Peasy with Candidate Profiling

Finding the right person for your business can be one of the biggest responsibilities you'll ever take on as an employer. If you're using all the right outlets for employment posting, you could end up with hundreds of applications. Rather than stressing yourself out trying to figure out which applicants are most likely to succeed in the position; you need to make a list of qualities necessary for the position. This is how to make your hiring process much easier with candidate profiling.

What is Candidate Profiling?

The term "profiling" has some very unfortunate connotations, but candidate profiling should only be used for positive means. It's about finding out what positive qualities you want from applicants. According to The Hire Talent, a candidate profile is essentially a list of qualities, characteristics, or past achievements that you want in a job candidate. A good way to structure a candidate profile is with columns. Columns should be labeled in order of importance. For instance, you might put relevant work experience in the first column and management experience in a later column.

How to Create a Candidate Profile

Recruit Loop suggests that to create a candidate profile, you should get into what exactly you want from those in the position. Forego generic things like "hard worker" or "motivated," because those are things that pretty much every position should cover and don't say anything about a candidate's actual qualifications. If you're filling a previously held position, consider how the last person in that position was able to make a positive impression and what skills helped accomplish that. Don't try to just find an exact replica of your previous employee. Even if they did a great job, it's going to be a fruitless endeavor to try to find someone exactly like them. Plus, it's totally possible for two different people to do well in a position with different approaches.

Focus on Hard Skills

According to Mind Valley, much of a candidate's suitability for a job comes down to their hard skills. These are things that they have specific training or expertise in, such as being fluent in a foreign language or knowing their way around a specialized software. These are good to put your attention to as they help to show who is actually legitimate about their credentials. When someone claims to know something inside out, you can use this as an opportunity to ask them relevant questions that indicate whether or not they're actually being honest.

Candidate profiling should be done with passion but not overly extended expectations. Keep your profiles specific but don't adhere to it so devoutly that you risk overlooking an otherwise-qualified candidate. Candidate profiling is just one of several components that can make the hiring process far easier and more satisfying.

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