What Makes an Effective Internal Communications App for a Business?

What Makes an Effective Internal Communications App for a Business?

A business team is only as strong as its communication. Good lines of communication keep a company informed, prepared and in sync, while poor communication leads to chaos. That's why it's important for your business to focus on good communication. In a time of smartphones, urgent notifications and always-connected employees, that means using an excellent internal communications application.


A strong internal communications strategy is built on the right content. Employees need to be guided on how to create content that will help instead of forming a workplace of distraction. Good content includes sharing workplace events, project deadlines, need-to-know information and professional updates. Personal content has no place on an internal communications app. Personal plans, small talk, and informal comments belong elsewhere.

Positive User Experience

Every employee should want to use the app. They shouldn't feel like they have to as a work obligation. If employees only use the app when they have to, communication will suffer. A good app will encourage its use and make for better internal communications. That's why the experience should be user-friendly first and foremost. When creating an app for employees, the quality of the features should take precedence over quantity. Choose the features that will make a real difference in users' experiences, and drop those that don't. This will leave you with a user-friendly app, and employees who actually want to use it.

Features That Matter

Features that make a good internal communications app include a clean interface, easy-to-use messaging, reliable notifications and adjustable settings. A clean interface and easy-to-use messaging will make it simple for employees to communicate with one another. Reliable notifications are absolutely crucial for ensuring everyone receives information the moment they need it. Finally, adjustable settings are necessary for that positive user experience you're seeking. Some employees may need accessibility features, like large text or audio options. Others may simply want convenient settings, like the ability to delay notifications until they have more time in their schedule. All these features will make employees' time using the app easier and more productive.

Using the right internal communications app will strengthen your communication. That will improve your business team, and a strong team makes a robust company. On the other hand, using an outdated or inconvenient communications app or one with too much personal content spells trouble for a business. The right features and content make business communications easier and better.

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